The Center for Galactic Anomalies
OK, what really is this?

OK, what really is this?

The Center for Galactic Anomalies: Coming Summer 2024

Congratulations, you’ve figured out that this is all nonsense! But of course, anyone with a decent grasp of reality would have probably figured that out. So what is this for?

It’s all an elaborate book promotional scheme. I’m a *currently* independent novelist and ya girl’s got to hustle somehow. I wrote an absurd, sci-fi novel during COVID and am finally foisting it upon the general population. To give you the elevator pitch, while uncovering the murderous invader inside of the previously impenetrable Center for Galactic Anomalies, a burn-out telepathic behaviorist and a pacifist super soldier have to stop the threat for the sake of, not just their home world, but the whole galaxy.

When it came down to it, going either the traditional, hybrid, or independent publishing route, I was going to have to do the majority of the advertising myself (barf). So I took my previous knowledge of graphic and web design to make an interactive and, hopefully, entertaining advertising gimmick inspired by ARGs and immersive art installations (Omega Mart fundamentally changed my brain chemistry). Now for the actual book stuff…


“Have you learned nothing, Vern? No one belongs here. That’s the whole point.”

Adrius Gordian about the Center for Galactic Anomalies, Chapter Nine

In a galaxy full of irony, the planet Survalis is ostracized from the Galactic Federation and yet they provide the service everyone needs to travel safely between planets: The Center for Galactic Anomalies. The Center for Galactic Anomalies captures and contains all of the galaxy’s greatest mysteries, including those that they have created themselves. When their top telepathic behaviorist, Dexia, is charged with controlling their latest and most disobedient genetically engineered soldier, Tycho, the mysteries start to unravel in deadly ways.

“Look, my official job title is ‘Telepathic Behavioral Containment Specialist,‘ meaning that I manipulate anomalies’ minds to keep them under control. I don’t always do it with telepathic manipulation.” I kicked the hover back into drive and sped off towards the glowing set of apartment buildings in the distance. “Sometimes I just help people get what they need.”

Dexia Mohktar, Chapter Three

Dexia Mohktar has the unique ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of others. What most would consider a gift, she views as her own doom as telepaths are strictly forbidden from leaving Survallis, their eternal frozen prison world. While life goes on as the world descends into disaster, Dexia is commissioned with the capture of a rogue genetically engineered soldier. But Tycho isn’t like any of the disposable clone soldiers she’s contained before, he’s intelligent, peaceful, and potentially also a telepath. Her suspicions of the men in control of the CGA rise, especially as anomalies start dying.

They wanted to create a hero and I was the prototype. The first and the only. They didn’t know what to do with me, hence I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Tycho, Chapter Four

For all of the knowledge that was built into him, Tycho can’t understand why he was created. The genetic engineer that brought his mind to life went insane and no one else will tell him why he’s here. They designed him to kill, but endowed him with a conscience that plagues him every day. All he wants is the freedom to decide his own destiny, a lofty aspiration for a person considered company property. And now some woman shows up and tells him that he might be telepathic, too – just another reason to keep him locked up as an anomaly. But Dexia isn’t like the scientists that made him, there’s an honesty about her that he’s never seen before. Could she be his ticket to freedom or become his reason to stay behind and fight?